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ERC will be launching a new website and online learning system CoSy on 3 October 2016. In the meantime, you can use our sites as usual via the links below. More information about the launch timing and future functionalities can be found here.

ERC instructors, course directors and organisers use the Course Management System (CMS) to register courses, to register results and to produce the ERC certificates. This is done under the auspices of the National Resuscitation Councils.

When you follow an ERC course, in any country, your Course Director prepares an official ERC certificate produced electronically through the ERC CMS. In addition, your course result will also be stored in the ERC database. Check here wether you certificate is valid.
We have made a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list to answer your questions related to the CMS.
We invite you to login to the CMS and to view your qualifications and download your certificate(s).


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